The Third Epistle of Peter Found!

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:25 am    Post subject: The Third Epistle of Peter Found! Reply with quote

The Third Epistle of Peter, to the Preachers and
Rulers of Congregations.--A Looking Glass
for the Clergy.


HOW the following epistle came to be overlooked by the early saints of christendom and by all the fathers, or whether it was purposely suppressed by the Council of Nice, and why it was at last destined to be found with other old manuscripts among the ruins of an ancient city by a miserable wandering Monk, are all circumstances which my limited knowledge of these subjects does not enable me to explain. I am answerable only for the accuracy of the translation from a French copy presented by the Monk himself. Neither can I prove the authenticity of the original, unless it be on the strict correspondence of the actual state of the church with the injunctions contained in the epistle, a correspondence which seems to hold with as much veracity as that which is found in the fulfilment of any prophecy with the prediction itself.



The Style and Manner of Living.

NOW you who are called and chosen to go forth to all nations and among all people, in time present and time to come, to preach the word, see you take to yourselves marks, nay, many outward marks, whereby you shall be known by men.

Be you not called as men are called; but be you called Pope, Archbishop, Archdeacon, or Divine, or Reverend, and Right Reverend, or some like holy name; so may you show forth your honor and your calling.

And let your dwelling places be houses of splendor and edifices of cost; and let your doors be decked with plates of brass, and let your names, even your reverend titles be graven thereon; so shall it be as a sign.

Let your garments in which you minister be garments not as the garments of men, neither let them be "seamless garments woven throughout;" but let them be robes of richest silk and robes of fine linen, of curious device and of costly workmanship; and have you robes of black and robes of white, that you may change the one for the other; so shall you show forth your wisdom and humility.

Let your fare be sumptuous, not plain and frugal as the fare of the husbandman who tills the ground; but live you on the fat of the land, taking "good heed for the morrow and wherewithal you shall be fed."

And drink you of the vines of the vintage brought from afar, and wines of great price; then shall the light of your spirits be the light of your countenances, and your faces shall be bright, even as the morning sun shall your faces glow in brightness; thus shall you show forth your moderation and your temperance in all things.

Let the houses in which you preach be called churches, and let them be built in manner of great ornament without, and adorned with much cost within; with rich pillars and paints, and with fine altars and pedestals, and urns of precious stones, and cloths and velvet of scarlet, and vessels of silver.

And let there be rooms for the changing of robes, and places for the precious metals and mitres.

And let the houses be divided into seats for the congregation, and let every man know his own seat; and let the first seats in front of the altar be for the rich that pay by thousands; and the next for the poorer that pay by hundreds; and the last for those that pay by tens. And let the poor man sit behind the door.

And let the seats be garnished with cushions and crimson cloth, and with fine velvet; for if the houses of players and vain people who deal in idle sayings and shows of mockery, be rich and gorgeous, how much more so should be the houses that are dedicated to him "that is meek and lowly of spirit."

The Choosing of Ministers.

WHEN you go out to choose holy ones to be of your brethren, and to minister at the altar, choose you from among the youth, even those whose judgments are not yet ripe, and whose hearts know not yet whether they incline to God or Mammon.

But you are wise, and you shall know the inclining of their future spirits, and you shall make them incline to the good things which the church has in store for them that are called, even those that shall be called by you.

Then shall you have them taught exceeding many things. They shall not be as "ignorant fishermen," or husbandman, or men speaking one tongue, and serving God only by the knowledge of his law.

Nay, you shall make them wise in the things of your wisdom; yea, exceedingly cunning in many mysteries, even the mysteries which you teach.

Then shall they be fitted for the "laying on of hands," and when the bishop has done his office then shall they be reverend divines.

But if any man believe that he is called by God to speak to his brethren "without money and without price," though his soul be bowed to the will of the Father, and though he work all righteousness, and "speak as with the tongue of an angel"--if he be not made a divine by your rulers and by the hands of a bishop, then is he not a divine, nor shall he preach.

He that is chosen by you shall give you honor, and shall be honored by men, and honored by women; and verily he expects his reward.

The Performance of Preaching.

WHEN you go to the church to preach, go not go by the retired way where go those that would shun the crowd, but go in the highway where go the multitude, and see that you have on the robes of black, and take heed that your pace be measured well, and that your march be stately.

Then shall your "hearts be lifted up," even as the hearts of mighty men shall they be lifted up. And you shall be gazed upon by the multitude, and they shall honor you; and the men shall praise you, and the women shall glorify you, even by the women shall you be glorified.

And when you go in, go not as the ordained, prepared only with a soul to God and with a heart to men, and a spirit filled with the Holy Ghost; but go you with your pockets full of papers and full of divine words; even in your pockets shall your divinity be.

And let your sermon be full of "the enticing words of man's wisdom," and let it be beautified with just divisions, with tropes and with metaphors, and with hyperbole, and apostrophe, and with interrogation, and with acclamation, and with syllogisms, and with sophisms, and throughout let declamation be.

And take good heed to your attitudes and your gestures, knowing when to bend and when to erect, when to lift your right hand and when your left, and let your motions be graceful, even in your attitudes and in your gestures let your grace be. Thus shall you be pleasing in the eyes of the people and graceful in their sight.

Let your voice at times be smooth as the stream of the valley, and soft as the breeze that waves not the bough on its bank; and at times let it swell like the wave of the ocean, or like the whirlwind on the mountain top.

Then shall you charm the ears of your hearers and their hearts shall be softened, and their minds shall be astounded, and their souls shall incline to you; and the men shall incline to you, and likewise the women; yea, to your sayings and to your persons shall they be inclined.

And be you mindful not to offend the people; rebuke you not their sins; but when you rebuke sin, rebuke it at a distance; and let no man apply your sayings to his own case; so shall he not be offended.

If a brother shall raise up the banner of war against brother, and Christians against Christians, rebuke them not; but be some of you on the one side and some on the other; and tell the one host that God is on their side, and the other host that he is on their side; so make them bold to kill. And even among swords and lancets let your black robes be seen.

Preach you not "Peace on earth and good will to men," but preach you glory to the victor, and victory to the brave.

If any man go into a foreign land and seize upon his fellow man, and put irons on his feet and irons on his hands, and bring him across the great deep into bondage; nay, if he tear asunder the dearest ties of nature, the tenderest leagues of the human heart; if he tear the wife from the husband, and force the struggling infant from its mother's bleeding breast, rebuke him not!

And although he sell them in foreign slavery to toil beneath the lash all their days, tell him not that his doings are of Antichrist; for lo! he is rich and gives to the church, and is esteemed pious, so shall you not offend him, lest peradventure he withdraw himself from your flock.

Teach them to believe that you have the care of their souls, and that the saving mysteries are for your explaining; and when you explain your mysteries, encompass them round about with words as with a bright veil, so bright that through it no man can see.

And lo! you shall bind the judgments of men, (and more especially of women,) as with a band of iron: and you shall make them blind in the midst of light, even as the owl is blind in the noon day sun; and behold you shall lead them captive to your reverend wills.

CHAPTER IV. The Clergy's Reward.

"IN all your gettings" get money! Now, therefore, when you go forth on your ministerial journey, go where there are silver and gold, and where each man will pay according to his measure. For verily I say you must get your reward.

Go you not forth as those that have been sent, "without two coats, without gold or silver, or brass in their purses; without scrip for their journey, or shoes, or staves;" but go you forth in the good things of this world.

And when you shall hear of a church that is vacant and has no one to preach therein, then be that a call to you, and be you mindful of the call, and take you charge of the flock thereof and of the fleece thereof, even of the golden fleece.

And when you shall have fleeced your flock, and shall know of another call, and if the flock be greater, or rather if the fleece be greater, then greater be also to you the call. Then shall you leave your old flock, and of the new flock shall you take the charge.

Those who have "freely received" let them "freely give," and let not men have your words "without money nor without price," but bargain you for hundreds and bargain for thousands, even for thousands of silver and gold shall you bargain.

And over and above the price for which you have sold your service, take you also gifts, and be you mindful to refuse none, saying, "Lo! I have enough!" but receive gifts from them that go in chariots, and from them that feed flocks, and from them that earn their morsel by the sweat of their brow.

Yea, take you gifts of all, and take them in gold and in silver, and in bread; in wine and in oil; in raiment and in fine linen.

And the more that the people give you the more will they honor you; for they shall believe that "in giving to you they are giving to the Lord;" for behold their sight shall be taken from them, and they shall be blind as bats, and "shall know not what they do."

And you shall wax richer and richer, and grow greater and greater, and you shall be lifted up in your own sight, and exalted in the eyes of the multitude; and lucre shall be no longer filthy in your sight. And verily you have your reward.

In doing these things you shall never fail. And may abundance of gold and silver and bank notes, and corn, and wool, and flax, and spirits and wine, and land be multiplied to you, both now and hereafter. Amen.
A Berean
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's a great one, Homer! I am sure the Roman Catholic church will hasten to canonize this epistle as quickly as possible!
In Jesus,
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 2:15 pm    Post subject: 3 Peter? Reply with quote

Ok, so I am an Orthodox Old Catholic clergyman.....I get the fun in slappin the RCC around......but where is the slapping of The Great Whore's multiple know...the multitude of ever fractioning Protestants whether Evangelical, Reformed, Radical, Antiestablishmentarian, Charismaniac and Pentecostal?

I do not like what has become of the western church period.....there is enough sin, shame, error and pride for all to share in. All have sinned and ahve gone astray. In the east and orient there is the sin of seeking to be like Rome!!! All have sinned and fallen short. So sorry if I find less humor in this old "reformer" Protestation gilded in sarcastic jest.

The Old Catholics have also fallen into liberal and secularist sin and we Orthodox are like the great American Bison. So instead of pointing accusative fingers in cynical jests I mourn and lament for us all! when the Son of man returns shall he find faith on the earth? Heresies, Apostasy, Sectarianism, Antinomianism, Hedonism, Gnosticism and Neo-Montanism is rampant in the Church world wide, and in every flock! Shall we sit and laugh mockingly at a dead horse of a Reformation/Counter-Refiormation family dispute among Christianity in Europe and the Americas?

Are we called to be "Solo Cowboy" or "Keystone Cop" Christians with a Buffet Style "pick n choose" Scriptural exegetics and "subjective" Churchianity? Is this Christ? This is killing the body from within. We either recognize the Body of Christ and build it up, or stop playing at it and leave. But to continue to live in and continue the past socio-political and religious wars which were caused by human sin on all sides is foolishness.

We are called to hold fast to the Tradition passed on to us by the Apostles' oral communications and written communications...just as Paul Stated. Do not judge your brother for he too is your Master's Servant. We are not of the James party, the Peter party, the Apollos party, the Papist party or the Protestant reformist parties! Why then continue this? By our actions, words and well as what we have failed to do, failed to say and failed to do we all shall be judged.

You have stated many times you find that you disagree with most communities in Christ; either in organization, discipline, practice or doctrine. And you base this on your own personal education and research in Scripture and outside sources. If that be true, then why do you not start your own community or movement to rectify what you see as universal deficiencies in the body of Christ?

How is it you have come to a set of positions from a to z and do not allow this for your brothers in Christ who serve him in unity with the Bishop of Rome? You see dangers in the Roman catholic Faith......yet it preserved the very essentials and scriptures and outside sources you so trust and promulgate according to your own eyes and understandings.

Though I reject Papal claims, Roman understanding of the intermediate state between death and resurrection, Their addition to the Creed, their evolution in Mariology and the well as their Amillenialism and celibacy of ministers..... I remain an Orthodox Catholic Christian and continue to recognize them as apart of the Catholic congregation of the church of the First Born, as Paul states. They retain the essentials of the apostolic Deposit of Faith.

I thought True Apostolic Christianity held,"Unity in the Essentials, Liberty in the Nonessentials and love in All things", as well as "Belief in all things held in every age, in every place and in every community" and that this is the ancient and true definition of Catholic. What has been believed in the Church from the Prophets, from Christ and the Apostles down through the ages through the enduring and unbroken Grace, Power and Providence of the Holy Spirit to this very hour is the Catholic and Apostolic Faith. No patriarch, metropolitan, Archbishop or Bishop can lay exlcusivity to his flock, for they are but sheherds working for the Chief Shepherd Christ Jesus our Lord. If they make claims not in their authority then dismiss their claims and go about your father's business...he'll take care of the rest. So according to this I cannot participate in splinter finding when you, I and all of Western Christianity is perpetually quarreling, dividing, accusing and abusing each other as the whole world is dying. As Keith Green so aptly put it,"We are asleep in the light."

Even Keith Green repented of this sin of Roman Catholic bashing and misrepresenting their Faith and Practice in his Last Days News Letter. Maybe the Protestants were the Prodigal Son and Rome the Elder Brother? Or might the situation be changing? Lets not be caught being the Elder Son. It's too late to perpetuate this horrid festering corruption that has caused a 30 year wars, martyrs on all sides and lost souls disgusted by such a carnal churchianity. S excuse me if I don't find this a good one or remotely humorous.

Rev. Ken

I had to speak up.....I was not angered just very saddened and disappointed. This I would expect of the self styled and purchased Dr. James White the Calvinist Assassin for hire. As teachers we are under a more strict rule that those we teach or guide.

Here is a truly funny joke:

There was Catholic Priest, a Protestant Pastor and an Orthodox Rabbi standing together in front of the Bank; each had in his possession the monthly tithes and offerings of their congregations.

The Priest said that they should throw the money up in the air and whatever landed in the street was God's and whatever fell on the sidewalk was theirs. The Pastor said that was a foolish Papist idea and that they should keep what fell in the street.

Now the Rabbi chuckled aloud and shook his finger at them both and retorted,"Who vould tink dat you guys vunce vas one of us? You Shmucks! Ve shall cast our monies heaven-vard and vot God vantz God vill keep!"

Now that's Interfaith Ecumenism at work eh? Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Rolling Eyes
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Ken,

You wrote:

You have stated many times you find that you disagree with most communities in Christ; either in organization, discipline, practice or doctrine. And you base this on your own personal education and research in Scripture and outside sources. If that be true, then why do you not start your own community or movement to rectify what you see as universal deficiencies in the body of Christ?

I can't imagine how that would improve matters. It would simply be another sect. I prefer things the way God set them up. There is only one community of Christ, His Body, which is comprised of all who are His true disciples, regardless which Christian club they have joined. By being a disciple myself, I belong to this community, and can fellowship freely, as I feel inclined, at any of the clubhouses.

You also wrote:

How is it you have come to a set of positions from a to z and do not allow this for your brothers in Christ who serve him in unity with the Bishop of Rome? You see dangers in the Roman catholic Faith......yet it preserved the very essentials and scriptures and outside sources you so trust and promulgate according to your own eyes and understandings.

I have my own set of beliefs, and in this respect, I doubt that I differ from every other thinking person. You have your own set as well. It just so happens that you borrowed them from a group calling itself "Orthodox." In settling on this association, and its beliefs, you choose to reject many of the views of the Baptists, the Methodists, the Calvinists, the Pentecostals, etc. This is your prerogative, but it is disingenuous to deny (with so many communions available to choose from, but which you chose against) that you have made your own commitments, according to your own tastes or personal research, any more or less than have I.

As for crediting the Roman Church for preserving the scriptures, this is as laughable as the old saying that we should appreciate the Jews because they gave us Christ! Both the scriptures and the Christ have been given and preserved by the sovereign God, despite the best efforts of the Jews to eliminate Christ (forbidding Paul from preaching to the Gentiles), and of both the Jews (who killed their prophets) and of the RCC (which did all she could to restrict the laymen's access to the scriptures). The fact that the scriptures and the Gospel itself survived to our time, despite these religious organizations' determination to silence them, is a testimony to God's overriding providence.

The RCC did not alone preserve the scriptures. I believe that the Coptic Churches, the Church of the East, and the Eastern Orthodox Churches (as well as the anti-RCC groups, like the followers of Peter Waldo, Jan Hus, and John Wycliffe, and the reformers) also possessed and preserved their own copies of the Bible. In the 16th century, the exploitation of the newly-invented printing press, especially by Protestants, guaranteed that it would no longer be possible for totalitarian religious hegemonies to keep the Bible away from the common man. If it had been left to the discretion of the RCC, I seriously doubt that any of us would even now have copies of the Bible in our homes.
In Jesus,
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